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Wedding in Israel

“You can design and create, and build the most wonderful place in the world. But it takes people to make the dream a reality.” (Walt Disney)

Do you dream of a desert wedding? Do you wish to arrive to your ceremony in a hot air balloon? Are you planning on your guests cooking for you on your special day? Do you desire a vegan wedding? Are you fantasizing about a ceremony in a Ferris wheel? Your dream event is the spark in our eyes.

  • Unforgettable Israel wedding– Making Dreams Out of Nothing

    Unforgettable Israel wedding– Making Dreams Out of Nothing

    Our team is experienced in requests and demands of all kinds and knows how to provide the most creative and accurate answer to any wish. With an experience of hundreds of events and a deep acquaintance with the event and wedding scene in Israel, we are here to create your dream event. This does not happen like magic. It happens through a regulated, professional work process, which begins with understanding your needs and creating a concept and budget framework for the event, continues with a wise choice of the various providers and managing the interactions with them, and ends in your special day, when the last guest leaves.

  • Israeli weddings with WedMan – Caring for All the Small Details in your Event

    Israeli weddings with WedMan – Caring for All the Small Details in your Event

    Your event is as important to us as it is to you. Any need that arises, before, during or following the event will be provided with a professional and immediate answer by your wedding coordinator, who accompanies you along the way, making your dream a reality. You will never hear the word “impossible” from us, as we believe that everything is possible.

Couple's Testimonials

Ayelet & Gil

The management on our special day were magnificent! Itamar managed everything, and tied all loose ends. He was solving problems and doing everything without involving us, and with a huge smile on his face. We had an outdoor wedding, which is not easy to produce, and the result was exceeding our expectations and thoughts. Thank you! Ayelet & Gil

Ofir & Roy

This is a must in every wedding! We decided not to take production services for planning the event and for choosing the providers, but it was important to us that during the event there will be a manager on our behalf, making sure all goes well and done exactly as we wanted – this is Itamar from WedMan!

Itamar took care of literally everything. He made sure the rings were in place, took the Ketubah to our room after the Chuppah, held negotiations with the providers, and manage the reserves conversation with the place (exempting us from giving this role to one of our friends or family members). He served us water, brought us our dancing shoes to the floor, coming to think of it, as I wrote, he took care of everything. If you want to get married with peace of mind, concentrating on having fun and on your guests – you must have a WedMan. This is without a doubt one of the best choices we did organizing the event.

Stephany & Gabby

“Without a doubt, our event would not look the same if Itamar was not backstage, making sure that everything is calmed and organized. We are a very busy couple and Itamar was there to remind us what needs to be done, and when, and he even bugged us without shame and without anything in return, so that we will not be surprised on our special day. The service we received from Itamar provided us with peace of mind all along the preparations and the wedding was awesome, to the highest standards. The DJ Itamar recommended was more than we imagined (Ohana). People enjoyed themselves and kept talking about him. Thank you Itamar and all the staff in WedMan. We had an unforgettable experience :-) !”

Daphna & Roy

Friends! If you are in the beginning of a long process called wedding planning don’t think twice. WedMan will create certainty in a world of uncertainty – the world of weddings. WedMan will allow you to start the process with awareness, with relevant tools and measures to communicate with all providers, with the ability to demand things you are interested in, and the way you want them to happen. In the bottom line – they will save you plenty of money, headaches and concerns along the way. On our special day – WedMan provided us with a peace of mind and with the ability to enjoy ourselves. The amount of things to check verify and provide answers for is endless. WedMan allowed us, our family and friends to enjoy without taking on extra tasks. At the same time, a producer by WedMan was backstage taking care that all stages of the event will be executed as we planned. In our working process we worked with Itamar – he was available, caring and motivated to allow us to hold our special day just as we planned. Champions!!!