Private Events in Israel with WedMan

Production of a Private Event in Israel

Private events production - an event no one will forget!
  • Matching any event and any cause

    Matching any event and any cause

    Whether it is a party, a baby shower, a dinner or a family reunion, a cocktail or a birthday party, no matter what you are celebrating, the Wedman team is ready to make your personal dream come true, including location, catering, equipment, photography, design, invitation, branding and even attractions for your guests.

    We invite you to make your personal celebration an event that will be mentioned years from today, everything – perfectly matching your budget.

  • Save your time and money

    Save your time and money

    After years of expertise, we are familiar with the best providers in Israel and we can organize your dream event. We can guarantee that each of the service providers chosen will provide the best service and products possible.

    When we produce and manage the event, we save you plenty of time and money. We conduct all the required research and match you with superior providers in excellent prices.

    Save both your time and your money and guarantee all the small details of your event will be just as you imagined.


Lihi & Shay

To Itamar, the producer, the organizer and the no. 1 caretaker! After we rested for a while from our amazing day, you are the first we want to thank. Thanks to you we had the perfect wedding without having to care for anything. Just like the first time we met you, you promised we arrive to our wedding as guests and this was what happened. We cannot thank you enough for all the tiny details – from the calming conversations on the days before the wedding, the obligations and the contracts with the hall, caring for the design, the reception, the Chuppah, the food, the dancing and what else? Thank you for being with us (and before us) from the beginning of the evening until the moment we left, very late at night… Thank you for caring and for the fact you were just there! And beyond all this – you are an amazing person we had the privilege to meet… with love and appreciation, Lihi & Shay

Daphna & Roy

Friends! If you are in the beginning of a long process called wedding planning don’t think twice. WedMan will create certainty in a world of uncertainty – the world of weddings. WedMan will allow you to start the process with awareness, with relevant tools and measures to communicate with all providers, with the ability to demand things you are interested in, and the way you want them to happen. In the bottom line – they will save you plenty of money, headaches and concerns along the way. On our special day – WedMan provided us with a peace of mind and with the ability to enjoy ourselves. The amount of things to check verify and provide answers for is endless. WedMan allowed us, our family and friends to enjoy without taking on extra tasks. At the same time, a producer by WedMan was backstage taking care that all stages of the event will be executed as we planned. In our working process we worked with Itamar – he was available, caring and motivated to allow us to hold our special day just as we planned. Champions!!!

Inbar & Sagi

The number one provider we chose and the most successful choice we ever made (out of many successful choices of other providers). Itamar from WedMan simply made our day. He as everywhere and at any time, and this can be testified by our other family members, who watched him go around, making sure that everything is in place, from the seating, the wedding reception, making sure that the staff of the hall is functioning, and that I am satisfied. Bringing me my veil, taking watermelons to the dancing floor. What more can I say? I couldn’t have had a better bargain! Thank you Itamar and thank you WedMan for the best service ever. If you get married without them, you are making the mistake of your life! Period.

Talia & Guy

We got married on June 22, 2015. Without WedMan we couldn’t have done it!!! They took care of everything and tied all the loose ends we didn’t even think about, and we couldn’t have thought about. In the bottom line, WedMan took our wedding to a much higher standard than possible in most places. The team is very professional, everything was just as it should have been. Not only did they take care of the technicalities, but they also set a special mood, a class not seen in Israel. A few months before the wedding we didn’t want to hire any producers as we thought that the expense is already too high, but today I understand that without them it would have been impossible, and that it was worth every single penny spent. All you almost-newly-weds, do yourselves a favor and hire them. Guy and Talia